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  Pet Adoptions

In Chesterfield Inlet there are puppies that need good families to care for them. Why not consider adopting one as a pet. View puppies/dogs that are ready now for adoption on our Pet Adoption Page.

Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Plan Discussion:
We are interested in interviewing local members of the Community to discuss the ‘Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Plan’ and we will host an OPEN HOUSE for the PUBLIC with anyone in particular, we’d like to ask you the following questions:

  • What is the STRENGTH of the community?
  • What are the WEAKNESSES of the community?
  • What are the OPPORTUNITIES for development in the community –
  • Economic, Social, Cultural, or Environmental etc?
  • What are the CHALLENGES the community faces when it comes to
  • development?
  • Where do you see the community in the next five to ten years?
  • What would you like to see in the community in the next five to ten years?

Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Plan - Skills Assessment Questionnaire:

The Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet is reviewing its previous CED plan and developing a new five year Community Economic Development Plan to assist the Hamlet Council in planning for the future. Residents of the community are a key to the success of this plan. Training, education and the ability to train others are developed in many ways.

All information provided is confidential and will not be shared in full with the community council and or residents.

For more information about the Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Plan, contact the local Community Economic Development Officer at Tel: (867) 898-9206 or Kumar Saha at Tel: (613) 523-7741

Download the questionnaire.


We are located on a small bay on the south shore of Chesterfield Inlet on the west shore of Hudson Bay. Our town is located within Nunavut (previously the Northwest Territories) in Canada's far North. Specifically, we are located 63 degrees 20' North, 90 degrees 42'W, which is 101 km NE of Rankin Inlet and 1,147 air km's E of Yellowknife. Click below for a tour of Chesterfield Inlet's location.

Map of Chesterfield Inlet's locationLarger map of Chesterfield InletChesterfield Inlet from the air


Sand to gravel landscape with low granite outcrops and inland lakes. We are located on a low and narrow coastal strip.

Our average annual precipitation consists of 14.6 cm of rainfall and 112 cm of snowfall. Our mean high in July is 13.1 degrees with a mean low of 4.6 degrees. In January, our mean high is -27.8 degrees and a mean low of -35.2 degrees. Our current temperature is shown below.



Click here to view a list of important telephone numbers for the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Click here to view a list of Staff Contacts for the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet


Municipal Service Schedule:

Water, Sewage and Garbage Service Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Water and Sewage Service Saturday to Sunday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Water, sewage, and garbage delivery service operates from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm; water and sewage service operates from 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday to Sunday. For municipal service; contact Hamlet office receptionists at Tel: 898-9951 or Foreman at Tel: 898-9939.

Speed Limits:
- School Zone and Playground - 15 kilometres
- Municipal Boundary - 50 kilometres (unless posted)

For more information about Municipal boundary speed limits, contact Municipal By-Law Officer at the Hamlet Office Ph: 898-9951 or Ph: 898-4422 (emergency).

Construction Information:
The Hamlet is re-surfacing community access roads and access trails - summer to fall, 2015.

The Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet is presently conducting minor upgrades of the Hamlet Complex building; and is plan to upgrade it's existing structural garage building that was built in 1979. Other minor upgrades includes: putting new culverts on run-down access roads in the community, replacing the chainlink fence at the baseball diamond next summer 2014, and new playground swings in the summer of 2014.

For more information about infrastructure and constructions in the community, contact SAO at Tel: 898-9951 E-mail: or Foreman at Tel: 898-9939 E-mail:


June - September:
Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm & 6:30pm to 12:00am
Saturday to Sunday - 9:00am to 5:00pm & 6:30pm to 12:00am

Iqalukpik Fish Plant is conducting minor upgrades of its existing building and will re-open May - September, 2016 for the arctic char commercial fishing season. The Kivalliq Arctic Foods Ltd. coordinated summer - fall, 2015 minor upgrades of the fish plant building with assistance of the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Arctic Char quotas near Chesterfield Inlet. View a map showing areas where Arctic Char quotas for Chesterfield Inlet bay water's exist's but some char quotas are not open. Commercial fishing can be conducted, but some char quotas may need to be requested by the HTO. This map is from the Dept. of Environment, Fisheries and Sealing Division, Kivalliq Region, Government of Nunavut.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant, established in 1979, is administered under Aqigiq HTO (The Chesterfield Inlet Hunters and Trappers Association est. February 16, 1973). The plant processes arctic char locally during the commercial fishing season - June to September. For more information about Iqalukpik Fish Plant, contact the secretary-manager - Aqigiq HTO at Ph: (867) 898-9063 or Fax: (867) 898-9079. View the Keewatin Commercial Water Bodies - Open Season and Quota (KG) 2012 - 2013

For information on Marine Research in Saqvaqjuaq northeast of Chesterfield Inlet, visit NRC Research Press (Saqvaqjuaq, NWT)


View a list of past and current Feasibility Study Reports and Community Development Plans conducted in Chesterfield Inlet.


Today, Chesterfield Inlet is a closely knit Inuit settlement of approximately 400 people. Our community has a strong community spirit blended with both modern and traditional lifestyles.

You'll find modern structures in Chesterfield: houses, a health centre, a school, a Co-op and a Northern store. But you'll also spot polar bear and caribou hides drying outside people's homes. Local women sew these into sleeping mats and make parkas from caribou calf skins that may also be drying outside. You may spot fish drying outside which is called "pipsi" or dried arctic char, which is a popular food in the North. Some of the Inuit men may be working outside on snowmobiles or qamutiit (a wooden sled that slides on the ice and snow, often pulled by dog teams). Out in the inlet during summer, you will see commercial fishermen fishing for char with nets.

For more info. about Arctic char quotas near Chesterfield Inlet visit website - The Department of Environment - Gov't of Nunavut The Iqalukpik fish plant was established in 1979. Arctic char commercial fishing begins in June and runs until September. It is administered by the local Aqigiq Hunters & Trappers Organization.

In winter, often local members hunt for caribou near the community with snowmobiles pulling their qamutik with gear (wooden snowsled). Annually the snowmobile snowcross race takes place locally through the organizing committee. Some members travel by snowmobile to other communities for a visit during winter/spring. Out in the inlet, during summer or near bayfront of the community, you will see commercial fishermen fishing for char with nets. Year round though, some of our local people hunt for caribou or fish (with nets) for Arctic char or Lake trout in surrounding lakes. In spring, they're off to the lakes nearby fishing for char and lake trout. In late March, April or May, they head to the floe edge about a half-hour away, to hunt ringed, bearded or harp seals. In October and November, they quickly fill their quota of the polar bears that roam the region — that sometimes make unwelcome appearances in the community! Throughout the year, caribou are only about an hour or so outside of town, making the men's hunting easier.

The annual sealift takes place during the months of July to October from the Port of Churchill, MB or Port of Montreal, Quebec to Chesterfield Inlet. The sealift brings drygoods to local stores, businesses and to members of the community. The sealift content includes building materials and often vehicles and heavy equipment, etc..

The ice floe-edge near the Inlet of the bayfront community starts to break-up approximately June 24 and starts to freeze up mid-November.

 View our exciting, new booklet about the “original ” Arctic community, Chesterfield Inlet, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011 - 2012. It takes you back to the early 20th century - our noble beginnings when the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Roman Catholic Mission established permanent operations at this location in 1911 - 1912. Travel through our history and then take a virtual walking tour of our community. More walking tour information including photos can be found here.



Our children are Chesterfield Inlet's future. They too are a blend of tradition and modern society. They learn both the old ways of our elders and new skills to help them meet the challenges of today's modern society.

Our main learning institutions are Victor Sammurtok School and the Nunavut Arctic College Learning Centre. We asked some Victor Sammurtok School students to tell us about living in Chesterfield Inlet. From their short essays below you will see that the focus is not on television, movies, and other entertainment venues popular in modern Urban centers. Read their stories and get a flavor of what our children do in Chesterfield Inlet.

Essay #1      Essay #2       Essay #3       Essay #4       Essay #5      School Photos



New Years Celebration


Easter Celebrations


Snowmobile Snowcross, Fishing derby (long weekend), Hamlet Day Celebration (day after Victoria Day)


National Aboriginal Day - June 21st


Canada Day Celebration - July 1st

Nunavut Day - July 9th




Hockey Season Starts


Christmas Celebration


January 1st - New Year's Day
April - Good Friday & Easter Monday
May - Victoria Day
July 1st - Canada Day
August - Civic Holiday
September - Labour Day
October - Thanksgiving Day
November - Remembrance Day
December 25th & 26th - Christmas & Boxing Day


Council meetings are scheduled Thursday on the third week of each month. Regular council meetings are open to the public.
Download a meeting agenda.

Senator:    Dennis Patterson
Member of Parliament: Hunter Tootoo
Member of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly - Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet:    Tom Sammurtok

 Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet - Municipal Government


Simionie Sammurtok

Deputy Mayor

Harry Aggark


Sandra Simik


Solomon Autut


Jimmy Krako


Jerome Misheralak


Louis Autut


Tony Amauyak


Jeannie Tautu

Note: In the Hamlets Act - the public records/copies of records such as the by-laws and the minutes of all meetings of every council and its committees are open to the public once by-laws are made/the minutes adopted by the council. Any person may receive copies of all/any part of the by-laws or the minutes of a meeting of a council upon request at the Hamlet office. For information visit - Nunavut Employees Union.



Chesterfield Inlet Fire Department Members

- Fire Chief - Ralph Simik
- Deputy Fire Chief - Carl Amarok
- Member - David Turner
- Member - Eddy Kadluk
- Member - J.J. Papak
- Member - Scott Sammurtok
- Member - Ryan Qijuk
- Member - Cory Aggark
Fire drill practice is conducted twice a month. For more information about Chesterfield Inlet Fire Department volunteer service, contact the local Fire Chief at Tel: (867) 898-9951 or Fax: (867) 898-9108


Local radio station schedule: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 1:00pm

For public notices contact the local radio announcer at Ph: (867) 898-9934 (radio station) or at the Hamlet office Ph: (867) 898-9951 or Fax: (867) 898-9108